Affordable Hawaii Bankruptcy

Attorney William C. Bullard is dedicated to providing the highest quality Chapter 7, Chapter 13, and debt relief legal services to clients in an affordable, cost effective, results driven manner.

In order to reduce overhead and provide clients value and experience, William has been able to efficiently streamline the process of gathering the financial information necessary to file your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 petition. He has further reduced overhead by marketing solely on the Internet - No radio, television, print, billboard ads, no paralegals, and no luxurious high-rent office space. By greatly reducing the firm overhead, these savings are passed on to clients who deserve experienced, full service, legal assistance at an affordable price.

When other debt relief methods have failed or are not an option, bankruptcy may be the only relief available. At times like these an affordable bankruptcy solution can make all the difference.

Pricing Simple Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

The base price for attorney fees in a Simple Chapter 7 Case is $1,199.00. The Bankruptcy Court Chapter 7 filing fees are an additional $338.00 totaling $1,537.00. Structured payment plans are available, however full payment of the fee amount is required before your petition can be filed.

Required Credit Counseling and Debtor Education Courses

The bankruptcy code requires each person filing for bankruptcy to take a Credit Counseling Course prior to filing the petition and later there is another mandatory Debtor Education Course. The typical cost charged by court approved online course providers is $14.95 and $9.95 respectively per person. Clients pay the course providers directly.

Structured Payment Plans

Often those considering filing bankruptcy are in such financial difficulty that raising the funds for attorney fees and court costs seems out of reach. The solution is our structured payment plan. Here is how it works.

Once you receive the initial forms that will help you gather the information necessary to file bankruptcy, you then make the initial non-refundable $300 retainer to get your case started. Structuring the payments of the balance owed is up to you. You may pay in the balance at your own pace but clients are required to be paid in full within 90 days after the initial interview to avoid additional fees to the Simple Chapter 7 Pricing structure. Many clients elect to make weekly payments and once the total amount has been deposited, I send a copy of the petition to review prior to filing and once approved I file the bankruptcy petition. Call (808) 722-1746 today to discuss your payment options.

What is a Simple Chapter 7 Case?

The $1,199.00 attorney fee applies to cases limited by the following:

(1) Not a joint petition.

(2) 50 or Fewer Creditors.

You have less than a total of 50 creditors.

(3) Pending Lawsuits.

You have no more than two pending lawsuits.

(4) No Businesses or Business Assets.

The person or person filing for bankruptcy must not have a significant business operation or business assets at the time the case is filed.

(5) Tax Cases.

Cases involving the discharge of federal, state, or local taxes are excluded from this fee structure.

(6) Payment of Fees and Costs.

You will pay an initial non-refundable retainer fee of $300 to handle your case. All fees and costs must be paid, and you must provide us with all information needed to file your case, within 90 days after the initial interview. If the case is not filed

within 90 days

after the initial interview, the total fee will be higher.

(7) Computer and E-Mail Capabilities.

You must have a personal computer or computer like device, have the knowledge and ability to correspond via e-mail, and the ability to open, view and print files in Adobe PDF format (Portable Document Format). Experience has taught us that it is much more difficult, time consuming and expensive to communicate with clients via U.S. mail, or when the client is repeatedly required to visit the office to review or deliver documents in person. It is much more efficient and less expensive to communicate with clients that have computer and e-mail skills.

Beyond the Simple Chapter 7 Case

The attorney fees for a Chapter 7 depend upon the complexity of your case and are determined on a case by case evaluation. If your case happens to be complicated by pending divorce, judgment liens, complex business debts, previous filings, or adversarial proceedings, additional costs associated may be applied but they are low and are added to the low base cost of $1,199.

For cases that do not fall within the Simple Chapter 7 limitations listed above, the following fee guide illustrates the additional fees that are used to calculate the total fee for your particular situation. All of the additional fees are based upon the estimated additional time spent as a result of added complexity of your case for the following categories. Following your free initial consultation you will know what your total cost from the start will be.

Joint Filing$200.00
More Than Two Reaffirmation Agreements    $200 ea.
More Than Two Pending Lawsuits$100 ea.
Out of State Exemptions$200.00
Amendments to Petition$50.00


Chapter 7 Personal One on One Service

At the Law Offices of William C. Bullard you will deal directly one on one with William Bullard from start to finish. William is available to answer your calls seven days a week including holidays from 5:00 am to 8:00 pm HST. In Chapter 7 cases he handles the following services:

Personal Chapter 7
While Running Your Business

If you are self-employed and are currently running your own business, our Chapter 7 Bankruptcy attorney fees usually require a $2,000 retainer due to the greatly increased amount of financial documentation to gather and review.

For complex business cases, fees charged are on an hourly basis and are not a flat fee. For simple business cases, we may charge a flat fee of less than $2,000.00 but usually no lower than $1,500.00.

Simple Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

The attorney fees for the simplest Chapter 13 case are $3,500.00, plus $313.00 to cover the court filing fee. The total cost to you, therefore, is $3,813.00. A non-refundable payment of $1,500.00 is required in order to start work on your case. The Chapter 13 filing fee payment of $313.00 is required before I file your petition.

The balance owing for your remaining attorney fees will be included in your monthly plan payment to the Chapter 13 Trustee. The cost of Credit Counseling and Debtor Education courses is not included.

As in our Chapter 7 cases, there are complex issues that may arise and increase costs. Call for a free consultation and we can discuss your particular situation and what could possibly arise to increase your cost.

Simple Chapter 13 Services

Services provided through our firm for a simple Chapter 13:

Call (808) 722-1746

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